What essential supplies do you keep handy?

Below you’ll find a little about the supplies that keep our hens fit and healthy.


  • Layer pellets – the main foot part of their diet ensuring healthy hens
  • Garlic powder (mixed with food) – boosts their immune system
  • Oyster shell (mixed with food) – rich in calcium to help form strong egg shells
  • Grit – (mixed with food) helps with digestion
  • Treats (mixed corn, insects, fruit) – keeps them happy


  • Cider vinegar (added to their water) – flushes their systems
  • Vaseline – keeps their combs healthy in winter and stops dry skin
  • Anti-pek spray – stops any unwanted pecking from fellow hens
  • Flubenvet wormer – kills worms keeping the hens healthy
  • Mite powder – kills mites keeping the hens healthy
  • Coop disinfectant spray – keeps things clean

For more information on where to buy these products, please see the Suppliers page.