Ex-bat Life: Day 6

Day 6 of ex-bat life got off to a dramatic start, sadly one of our quails passed away yesterday, we  think she was spooked by something and then in blind panic went into shock. On top of that our other jumbo quail took a nasty dive and ended up with what we suspected was a broken leg, luckily after a trip to the vets no breaks were felt so she’s on a course of anti inflammatory and pain killers for what we hope is a sprain, all being well she will get full use of her leg back!

RIP Akeno <3

Apart from the morning drama, the rest of day 6 was thankfully less eventful and there was a LOT of dust bathing involved! Blue hen spent all of the day exploring around the back of the chicken coop scraping in the mud on her own, yellow hen spent the day eating grass and pottering around and pink hen spent most of the day in the coop eating although she did come out for a scrape towards the end. Meanwhile the original girls were all having a good old dust bathe in the sun – they’ve got the right idea!

So far the pecking order is still being figured out, although now the ex-bat hens are starting to show each other who is boss! A very close eye is being kept on them all but so far there have been no problems. The ex-bats are starting to get some colour to themselves as well which is nice to see and they are slowly showing their personalities! Currently the food is still a mixture of mostly chic crumb and layer pellets along with grit and vitamin powder, although soon I will start to phase out the chic crumb. Once they are settled on layer pellets the plan is to worm everyone so I can cross that off the to-do list!

You might also notice on the run cam that they now have a chicken swing – yes, a swing… FOR CHICKENS! – No one has been brave enough to try it out yet, although as soon as they do I’ll be sure to catch it on video!

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