We recently overhauled our setup and now we only use HD IP cameras to make up our streams. We use 2 PTZ movable cameras and 2 fixed cameras, once the new coop is built we plan to upgrade to 5 fixed cameras giving a better view all round.

A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes in terms of programming, planning, laying network cables and other things so here’s the best way we could think of to show the end result (yes, it is another live stream!):

Above you can see all the technology which powers our home network, all housed in an Ikea lack table. Taking pride of place below the 24 port patch panel is a 24 port TP-Link gigabit switch, just beneath that is an 8 port Edimax PoE switch which powers all the cameras and finally a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite just beneath that.

The patch panel uses 3 main types of ethernet cable – red for PoE power, green for video, purple and other colours for general data.

At the very bottom on the floor you will see the servers which I use for local testing, I’m very much a fan of Dell’s PowerEdge range but have also collected some HP’s along the way.

Connected out of sight is a 1350VA CyberPower UPS to keep everything afloat in a powercut, a Ubuiqiti UniFi Pro access point, 3 NAS drives for storage, a raspberry pi for home automation, a custom built desktop amongst other hoarded hardware.

If you have any questions about the technology used or just want to learn more, please get in touch and we’ll gladly let you pick our brains.